Have you looked at your cable bill lately? Still paying for that equipment you’re “renting” from the cable company? Paying for 1000 channels that you probably don’t even watch? Paying extra for DVR because you’re never home during the shows you actually want to watch?

That was us almost 2 years ago. Then we took a good look at what we were being charged for, and we had to have “the talk”. Can we live without it? Can we find a good substitute?

Now, I watch the most TV in our house. I have more down time, and now with a toddler we have to have access to cartoons! So I was a little reticent to let it go. But my motivated husband convinced me. And the much lower monthly bill helped too.

Roku 3


Roku 3

This little hockey puck is how we managed to cut the cord. This is the Roku. It’s an amazing little thing with a lot of capability. Plugs into your TV with an HDMI cord, and then it just needs an internet connection (works with wired or wireless). The Roku allows you to watch all your favorite internet streaming content right on your TV! Your home page shows all your channel subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon, etc.) and allows you to search for and add more channels. It even comes with a motion sensor remote so you can play games. We love our Rokus and we love to recommend them to everyone!

Google Chromecast


Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is another viable option. We are currently looking into getting one for our household. Chromecast allows you to stream anything you’re watching on your device (Laptop, Tablet, etc.). Chromecast is selling for only $35, which is a one time cost that we can afford since we no longer pay for expensive cable.

Why Hulu & Netflix Are The Next Big Things


If you do decide to go down the cable-less path, you NEED to sign up for Hulu & Netflix. Both services offer instant streaming for $7.99/month. Hulu offers new TV shows the day after airing, and has some previous seasons available for certain shows. Netflix offers a large selection of movies, documentaries and TV shows, some newer and some old classics too.  Both services have a search feature to help you find you’re next viewing choice. Netflix also offers a nice suggestion application to help you find shows similar to your current choices.

So let’s just go over the pros of nixing cable in your house:

  • Lower monthly bill
  • You will find yourself watching less “junk TV”
  • You will find shows/movies you actually want to watch, and may find some gems you would have never considered
  • When you have to think about what to watch, you may find yourself having more time to get more done around the house
  • Spend less money on rentals

And of course, there are always cons

  • You will lose out on some notable channels. Roku unfortunately does not have contracts with all the networks yet, so no CBS, no home improvement channels, no Disney, and some others aren’t available. (Chromecast would work for some of these if they offer online episode viewing)
  • You may lose hours or days at a time watching episode after episode. It’s hard to stop once you start when you know the whole season is right there!