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Business: Warsaw Wine & Spirits
Online or Offline: Offline
Industry: Retail Wine & Liquor
Year Established: 2011
Website: WarsawWineandSpirits.com
Business Structure: S Corporation
Income Source: Profit from selling wine and liquor at our brick and mortar store

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Overview of Wine and Liquor Store - Serial Startups

Warsaw Wine & Spirits is our retail wine and liquor store. We had our grand opening in November 2012. This business is 100% owned by Tom. With this business, we focus on selling wine and liquor direct to customers for off-site consumption. Given that we are in New York, state laws require a different license to sell beer, so we only sell wine and liquor. Given that we are so close to the Finger Lakes region, a large wine region in New York, we focus on stocking as much local New York State wine as we can. This business focuses on creating a win-win-win scenario, which is the focus of a Conscious Business .

Win #1 – Community

When we opened the store, we opened it in a commercial space on Main Street that had been vacant for many years. By opening the store, we filled this space and provided a resource to the local community. In addition, by stocking many New York State products, we are supporting the New York economy through our purchases and tax revenue.

To show the improvements to the community, here are before and after pictures of the property.

Warsaw Wine & Spirits Before

And here is the after.

Warsaw Wine & Spirits After

Win #2 – Employees

We truly believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our country. We hire great employees and provide them employment and an income. Additionally, they enrich our lives and we strive to enrich their lives. Our employees are like a second family to us.

Win #3 – Income

This mindset has allowed the business to grow year over year since opening.  This adds another stream of income to support us.

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Many people will say that brick and mortar retail is a dying business. It is not a dying business, but the landscape is changing and entrepreneurs need to adapt. Some retail businesses have closed, some have balanced by focusing on by in person and online, and some have gone purely online. Below are a series of blog post and other resources that are useful for anyone looking to start a retail business.

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Tools That We Use


Dropbox – We are often on the go and not in our office, so Dropbox allows us to access all of our business files from any location/device.  Additionally, it is where we store all of our business paperwork.  Essentially it is our electronic file cabinet.

QuickBooks – Accounting and keeping accurate books is essential for any business.  Real estate businesses tend to have a lot of transactions, so we need software to help manage.  Additionally, we get a lot of very useful financial reporting on the performance of each property.

Gmail – We’ve converted much of our business to paperless, which means that we do a lot of electronic communications.  One of the best things about Gmail is that we can combine multiple mail addresses into a single inbox.


Canon PIXMA MX922 Printer/Scanner/Copier – There is a lot of paperwork involved in real estate, from closing documents to tenant leases.  We rely heavily on our printer for being able to scan and send these documents, as well as to be able to scan and electronically store these documents in Dropbox.

Other Equipment

Smart Phones – We are constantly using our phones, whether it be for call, email, pictures, video, material list or the internet.  They are essential.  We use Samsung GS4 and Samsung GS5 phones.

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