Episode Overview

We could all benefit from being more productive, whether it be in your business or personal lives.  Over the years of working for large organizations, to small-medium sized businesses to solopreneurs, I’ve been able to see the dramatic impact of helping these organizations implement lean and agile concepts.  These impacts have included less waste, getting more done, getting projects done faster, better teamwork and communication, improved morale and more profit.

Not only have I seen the impacts from consulting with various organizations, but Ariana and I have also seen a dramatic improvement in our own businesses.  So today, we will walk through some of the basic concepts of lean/agile and show you how you can implement them in your business.

Episode Key Points

  • Learn the top issues that detract from productivity
  • Specifically, learn the #1 thing that is killing your productivity
  • Understand why it is essential to spend some time planning
  • Ask yourself… are you a flashlight or a laser?
  • Learn what “lean” actually means when it comes to business
  • Find out what a Kanban board is and how to make one for less than $10
  • Learn why it is critical to visualize your work and workflow
  • What Scrum is and how it compared to Kanban
  • They key roles and ceremonies in Scrum
  • How to implement Scrum in a small business or as a solopreneur
  • Find out a third productivity technique that can be used with both Kanban and Scrum

Episode Transcript

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