Episode Overview

Being able to start and run several successful businesses requires a variety of systems and tools to make it all work.  In this episode, we are going to walk you through the 12 essential tools that we use to run our various businesses.  Whether you are starting your first business, or are serial entrepreneurs like us, you should look to see if any of these tools will help you start, run and grow your business.

Episode Key Points

  • Tools are an essential piece of running one or more businesses
  • The 12 tools that we find essential in running our business
  • Why we believe that every business needs a website
  • A list of free tools that really help with key business areas
  • Why social media automation is useful but still requires work
  • Why we recommend using some sort of cloud storage in your business
  • Why using a payroll company instead of an accountant is a good idea
  • How we use e-mail marketing in both our online and offline businesses
  • What we recommend for keeping all of your passwords safe

Links and Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Serial Startups Megadesk Home Office

Our Home Office & “MegaDesk”

Episode Transcript

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