Sylvester Media Internet Marketing

Business: Sylvester Media

Online or Offline: Online

Industry: Internet Marketing

Year Established: 2013


Business Structure: Sole Proprietor

Income Source: Ad Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Product Sales

Internet Marketing

Sylvester Media is our internet marketing business. We started the business in January, 2013.  As we looked to diversify our income streams, we saw an opportunity to shift online and leverage the various opportunities to make money online.  Since starting, we have created a variety of niche and authority websites.  “Niche” websites are essentially small websites (10 pages or less) that solve a specific problem or review a product.  “Authority” websites are larger sites that seek to become the authority for that problem or niche.  Either way, these sites focus on creating a win-win-win scenario, which is the focus of a Conscious Business.

Win #1 – The Customer

We only create a new website when we have identified a problem that is not properly being solved.  We determine this via research and focus on getting our website in front of the right people.  When we do this, they find the solution to their problem.

Win #2 – Our Business Partners

These websites that we are creating are often supported by either advertising or commissions from selling affiliate products.  When our advertisers get traffic to their site or when our customers end up purchasing their product, this helps their business by generating sales that they might not have received otherwise.

Win #3 – “Semi-Passive” Income 

When we satisfy the needs of people coming to our websites and to our business partners, we end up with income from either advertising or sales.  Typically with these websites, we put a lot of work in upfront to identify the problem, determine the solution and get it in front of customers.  Once we have done this work and automated the majority of it, we are able to generate income without a lot of time spent, outside of maintenance.

Learn More About Internet Marketing

The internet has changed the game, especially when it comes to business and making money.  Although it can take some time to learn, once you are able to identify a problem people are searching for, provide a solution and get it in front of them, you can repeat the process over and over again.  And one of the best parts to this whole process is the fact that you can get started for a relatively low investment of cash, which is not the case for most offline businesses.

Below are a series of blog post and other resources that are useful for anyone looking to get into internet marketing.  Additionally, we documented the process below as we built out one of our authority websites, Which Agile Certification.  This is a great starting point if you want to learn how to build your own niche/authority sites.


Blog Posts

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Tools That We Used

BlueHost /WordPress – We used BlueHost to register our domain name and host our website.  It has one-click installation of WordPress, which makes it very easy to setup and configure. (see How to Setup Your WordSite in 10 Minutes)

Divi WordPress Theme – We first tried using Divi on this website and fell in love.  It is such a flexible theme that it is easy to get just the look you want.  Additionally, it is included with 86 other WordPress themes for only $69 from ElegantThemes.

Launch Effect WordPress Theme – We had a short “pre-launch” phase for this website, at which time we used the Launch Effect theme to put up a page to collect email addresses.

AWeber – One of the most popular opt-in and email marketing tool.  We use this tool to collect emails from site visitors and follow-up with them afterwards.  One of the best

Long Tail Pro – This tool combines features of many freely available websites (ex. Google AdWords Keyword Research, SEOMoz, SEM Rush) to help research keywords and domain names.  Even though many of the features are free on other resources, this tool saves A TON of time in doing the tedious research.

OptIn Skin – This WordPress plugin allows us the ability to create a variety of different opt-in forms.  In additiona to being very customizable, it also makes it easy to place each form, do A/B testing and view analytics on form’s effectiveness.

Dollar Photo Club – This website allows you to purchase stock photography for $1 per image, which is one of the lowest prices around.  We purchased several of the images for this site from here.  Also see How to Create Amazing Images For Your Blog or Website for more information on how we create images for our websites.

Fiverr – Fiverr is a freelance website with people offering a variety of services.  We purchased the logo for this site from someone on Fiverr for $5.