We first talked about launching this blog in December 2013.  At that point, Ariana was not yet sold and thought it was “just another one of Tom’s crazy ideas”.  As we began discussing our goals, we started to realize that website fit in with them and that we could really help people with it.  Lots of people want to become entrepreneurs and there are more opportunities now than ever, but it is often difficult to get started with so many options.   You can start a traditional business, sell things online, invest in real estate, create an online business or do one of many other businesses.  We have done all of these and more, so our goal with this site was to provide people the information and motivation needed to take a risk and follow their dream of starting their own business.

So you might be saying “that is all well and good Tom, but get to the point”.  Ok, Ok I’m getting there.  So as we started planning for the website we started to create a list of things that we needed and put some sort of schedule around them.  If you are a follower of this blog, you are aware that we have multiple businesses, plus our 2-year-old daughter Elena.  So we needed a schedule of what to do when to not take too much time away from our other focuses.

Below is our first calendar for blog publishing, which was just a simple spreadsheet in Google docs.  Our original plan was to blog twice a week, with Ariana blogging on Thursday and myself blogging on Tuesday.  This seemed like a great way to start, not take too much of our time but still allow us to get information out to our audience.


So we started creating the calendar and laying out what articles would be published when.  And that is where the problem came in.  You see, the second part of this schedule was a list of potential blog topics.  From an initial brainstorming, my list alone was 65 topics.


Over the next week new ideas kept coming to me throughout the day.  As they would come up, I would throw them in GQueues (which is where we manage all of our tasks) so that I would not lose them.  After a week, I had another 33 topics and Ariana had another 31.


 This meant that after a week of brainstorming, we had 129 total blogs.  Our original plan was to post twice a week, which means that we would publish 104 articles a year.  So we had more ideas than we would be able to publish in the first year.  As as any entrepreneur knows, new ideas just keep coming.  If we look in WordPress at our current list of posts, you can see that within a month of officially launching this blog we have already published 36 articles, have 5 more scheduled, 3 pending (needing review) and 43 drafts.  These are all in addition to the 129 topics that we discussed earlier.


So we quickly realized that only posting twice a week would not cut it, we needed to increase our posting frequency.  We are so grateful to our audience and anyone who believes in us that we did not want to disappoint all of you.  And that’s when I decided to take some inspiration from John Lee Dumas.  For those who don’t know John, he is the founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, which is a blog/podcast for entrepreneurs (and one of our favorite podcasts).  Now there are many blogs/podcasts for entrepreneurs, but John did something special; something unheard of.  Instead of publishing his podcast once a week or once every 2 weeks, John decided that he would publish a podcast 7 days a week.    Just to show you how crazy this is, think about a few of these things:

  • John launched his podcast in September 2012.  It is now 2014 and John has interviewed nearly 500 entrepreneurs.entrepreneur-on-fire-pocketcast-screenshot
  • Following the transparent model of Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income, of which you can see me listening to above and another one of our favorite podcasts), John decided to publish a monthly report of his income/expenses.  As you can see below, the numbers are pretty crazy.  It took a TON of work and dedication, but less than a year and a half in John is grossing more a month than many people make it several years.
  • In only its second year, John’s podcast was awarded “Best in iTunes 2013”.

If you are not listening to Podcasts, you are missing out.  Check out Why You Should Be Listening to Podcasts and The Podcasts That I Listen to Every Week.

After starting to listen to his podcasts and seeing his income report, he definitely motivated me.  In fact, I came up with the initial idea for this website while listening to one of his podcasts while driving to work.  Obviously it was just an idea and Ariana really helped refine and bring it to fruition, but it all starts with an idea.

As a result, I sent John an email thanking him, and making a commitment to him that Ariana and I would appear on his show in the future to share our success story.  Below is his response.


So that is when we made a commitment; if John could do it, then we could do it.  We decided that our audience deserved more from us and we committed to publishing a new post 7 days a week, just like John does with his podcast.  This is obviously a huge undertaking, but in future posts we will share with you some of how we manage it all.

So thank you to all of our audience.  We look forward to not only sharing fantastic content with you, but also interacting and learning from you as we all proceed on our entrepreneurial journey.