Here at Entreprenewlyweds we are all about supporting entrepreneurs in their ventures.  We know how difficult it can be to go out on a limb and start your own business.  Over the past year, our friends Dan and Kate have taken the leap to also become Entreprenewlyweds.  Dan (along with his good friend Dave) have founded The Lost Borough Brewing Co. in Rochester, NY.  They are seeking help to get started as the location and equipment required to create a brewery is quite an investment.  To help them get off the  Kickstarter running until March 16th.  We ask that if you are an entrepreneur or are a fan of craft beer that you consider contributing to their Kickstarter.  They also have great gifts available depending on your contribution, all the way up to a package where you get to create, name and brew your own beer with Brewmaster Dan.

Dan was one of my roommates in college and enjoyed craft beer, so it can as no surprise that after college he got interested in home brewing.  I was actually able to taste the first batch that Dan made in his basement… and it was better than I expected.


My nickname for Dan is “MacGyver” because he can build anything out of nothing.  So it was no surprise that the next time I stopped over, Dan had built this in his garage.


About a year ago I was talking with Dan (over a beer, ironically) and he mentioned that he was thinking about leaving his job and focusing more on craft brewing.  He was aware that New York State was implementing the Farm Brewery Act, which would provide some opportunities for local brewers that used local products.  But Dan was employed at the time, along with his wife, and they were expecting.  So the thought of leaving a full time job to pursue this venture was a little scary.  We chatted for a while.  I explained a lot of what went into starting our businesses and helped Dan focus on finding his “why” along with what the impact would be on his family.

I was very excited when Dan told me that they were going to go forward with the brewery.  Dan left his job to focus on the brewery full-time, along with being a stay at home dad and taking care of their son.

So I invite you to take 5 minutes and watch the following video that they have put together.  Dan and Dave explain their story and what their mission is for the brewery.  If you believe in their mission and want to support them, please consider contributing to their Kickstarter.  They are giving some great merchandise to people who contribute and support them.