Serial Startups Business Coaching

Business: Sylvester Training & Coaching (Serial Startups)
Online or Offline: Online/Offline
Industry: Coaching (Entrepreneur & Business Coaching)
Year Established: 2014
Business Structure: Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Income Source: Coaching/Consulting,Training, Digital Product Sales, Affiliate Marketing

Entrepreneur & Small Business Coaching - Serial Startups

Serial Startups is our entrepreneur coaching business. We formally started the business in January 2014 (initially it was called Entreprenewlyweds), but had been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners for years.  But in 2014 we no longer had the time to help everyone who came to us for coaching and decided that we could help more people by shifting our business model to offer various levels of service.  So instead of only individual coaching for an entrepreneur/business, we shifted online and added free content as well as some training courses, while still offering direct coaching, but at a higher price point. Like our other businesses, this business focuses on creating a win-win-win scenario, which is the focus of a Conscious Business .

Win #1 – Free Content for Entrepreneurs

Starting and growing a business can be tough.  Therefore, we wanted to make sure that we were helping entrepreneurs, even if they were not at the point where it makes sense to hire a coach or otherwise invest in their business.  So we publish a weekly podcast where we discuss some of the most common questions that we get from entrepreneurs.  We also periodically publish a blog posts with related content.  Finally, we have created a free Facebook community for entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas and learn from/support each other.

Win #2 – Advanced Coaching for Entrepreneuers

Many entrepreneurs are successful on their own, but it may take years to achieve that success (there are no “overnight successes” in business).  Many others are not.  One of the best ways to shift the odds of success in your favor are to get coaching and consulting from people who have done what you want to do.  So many people may get what they need from our free product or paid courses, some people would rather invest in their business and hire a business coach.  This type of coaching is more time consuming and expensive, but can have a fantastic ROI and really help increase revenue and reduce waste.  So we still do offer some direct coaching and consulting to businesses.

Win #3 – Fulfilling Our Passion

You can’t always follow your passion right away, but it is awesome when you create the opportunity to do some.  We are passionate about really helping entrepreneurs (especially entrepreneurial couples like us).  Through several years of hard work, creating multiple income streams and outsourcing to “buy our time back”, we now can pursue our passion of really helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

We love all of the new people that we have met and helped through this business.  It is truly amazing to help people build successful businesses, all while also growing together as a couple and a family.

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