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The key to running one (or multiple businesses) it to leverage your time and money in the most efficient and productive way possible.  We’ve found that this is done by gaining the right knowledge at the right time, leveraging tools to automate tasks and outsourcing tasks to others.

Below are a list of tools and other resources that we use to run our various businesses, and can help you in running your businesses.  Remember, don’t just buy tools because you think you need them, make sure you introduce tools into your business at the point when you truly need them.  First focus on what you need to do to advance your business, then look into tools that can automate and reduce the time you spend working on your business to make money.

Speaking of tools, we discussed our top 12 tools that we use in a recent podcast.  Check it out here.

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The first step in getting a website for your business is to register your domain name (ex.  NameCheap allows you to register your domain name, at which point you can then point it to your hosting provider.  It’s important to register your domain separate from your hosting provider, so if you change hosting providers in the future, you can just point your domain to the new host.

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Bluehost Web Hosting


Once you have your domain name registered, the next thing that you need is a hosting account.  A hosting account is where your actual website and files will be stored.  BlueHost is a shared hosting provider, perfect for getting started and low cost.  You can get started for as low as $3.95/month (with the yearly hosting package) and it offers 1 click install of WordPress.

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Divi WordPress Theme from ElegantThemes


A theme is what defined how your website will look and function.  We’ve used a variety of themes (both free and paid) and we hands down prefer and recommend Divi from ElegantThemes.  Divi allows complete customization of your website without the need for coding.  For $69/year, you not only get access to Divi, but also to 86 other WordPress themes.

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Serial Startups Resources - Marketing Resources
AWeber E-mail Marketing Automation


Being able to reach out to your leads and customers is essential to any business, especially online businesses.  E-mail marketing is very low cost and can be very effective.  There are many different e-mail automation providers out there, but we prefer AWeber.

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It’s essential to be able to convert your leads into paying customers, and LeadPages helps with this in a variety of ways.  We can quickly create squeeze pages, sales pages and opt-in forms for all of our businesses.  The ever growing list of templates are optimized for conversion, they allow A/B split testing and a variety of other key features to grow your business.

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Serial Startups Resources - Productivity Resources


One of the most important aspects of running our businesses is being able to have access to all of our business files.  We store everything in Dropbox, which syncs between all of our devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones).  This allows us to always have all of our files, regardless of where we are.

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Serial Startups Resources - Equipment Resources
Asus Laptop


One of the most useful pieces of equipment that we have (and we have collected a lot over the years) is our laptop.  This is because we run pretty much all of our businesses from our computer and the internet.  Unlike many, we don’t use Apple products.  My laptop is an Asus that I purchased for $700 and Ariana has an HP that she got from $500.  If you prefer Apple products, we recommend the Macbook Pro.

Get a Laptop

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Audio Technica ATR 2100-USB XLR Podcast Microphone

Podcasting Microphone

People often believe that it costs a lot of money to start a podcast.  It can, but it doesn’t have to.  The reality is that you could get started with just a microphone.  We use and recommend the Audio Technica ATR-2100.  It is <$60 and has both a USB connection (for connecting directly to your computer) or an XLR connection (for connecting to a mixer).  The sound is great, it is portable and it can grow with you if you start without a mixer and upgrade to one later.

Get the ATR-2100 Microphone

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