My background is in software development.  One of the trends in software development (and product delivery in general) is a shift towards incremental delivery.  Historically a team of people would get together, work for 1 or more years, and eventually ship a piece of software.  With the changes in technology, this paradigm no longer works.  So the trend over the last several years has been to create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), ship it early (even though it is not complete), get feedback from your customers and adjust.

So when we decided that we wanted to create this website, we took that same approach.  We worked on it for 2 weeks, knowing that we would launch it at the end of the two weeks.  When we did launch, the core site was there, but many aspects left a lot to be desired.  Now that the site is live, articles are being published and shared, we are now looking at how to make improvements.

Logically, I decided to start with our first menu item, our About Entreprenewlyweds page.  We had thrown it together quick and after doing some research and looking at our own analytics, I realized that this is one of the most visited page on any site.  It makes sense.  When people visit your website, they want to learn more about who you are.  And to be honest, that page will probably determine if they decide to stay and consume your content, or if they move on.  As a result, we wanted to make sure we had a great intro page.

One of the best ways to know what improvements to make is to seek out other people who are doing what you want to do and see if you can identify patterns.  So I visited several other blogs and checked out their “About” pages.  I noticed some common themes:

  • They quickly explained what the site was and who it was for, right away
  • Several sites had images of the author(s)
  • They broke the page up with different headings and fonts
  • They had an opt-in form for their newsletter

In looking at our about page, I realized we were missing these elements.  The first screenshot is our original about us page.  The second one is our newly redesigned one.


In the updated page below, you will notice a few things:

  • We included a family picture as the first item.  Since our site is about being entrepreneurs and balancing that with having a great family life, we really wanted people to connect with us right away.  What better way than with a picture of us?
  • We changed around some of the copy (text) on the page.  We switched from a third person perspective to a first person perspective to make it more personable.
  • We broke the page up more by breaking it into 2 sections and indenting the definition of an entreprenewlywed.
  • We added an email opt-in.


This will probably not be the last update that we make to this page, but hopefully these few tweaks will keep more people interested in our site as well as help get more people to subscribe to our newsletter.

What are your thoughts about our redesign?  Do you have any tips or experiences from designing your own “About Us” page?