In this 10 part series, we are going to pull back the curtain and take you behind the scenes as we started our wine and liquor store.  We recommend starting at the beginning.  Some of this information will be specific to our store and New York State, but we will try to keep most of the information general to apply to a variety of brick and mortar stores.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we will do our best to answer.

>> Introduction – 10 Part Series: How to Start Your Own Business
>> Part 1 – Find Your Desire: Why Do You Want to Open a Store? 
>> Part 2 – Research the Market: Will it Support Your Product or Service? 
>> Part 3 – Finding the Ideal Location 
>> Part 4 – Get Required Licenses 
>> Part 5 – Prepare the Location 
>> Part 6 – Waiting for Licenses 
>>>> Part 7 – Getting Approved (You Are Here)
>> Part 8 – Final Preparations
>> Part 9 – Grand Opening
>> Part 10 – 1 Year Review: A Look Back

We had initially submitted our application for our liquor license back in February.  Since then Tom and his father had done a lot of work to get the space ready for the store while Tom and I started putting together all of the business processes and equipment needs.  Then finally we received the notice that our license was on the docket for the next review meeting.

The Final Approval Meeting

In September we received noticed that our application would be reviewed at the next State Liquor Authority monthly meeting.  It was noted that our attendance was not required, but we could attend to speak on our behalf and answer any questions.  Not wanting to take any chances, Tom decided to attend the meeting and have our lawyer attend as well.

The meeting was in the morning and because it was streamed live, I was able to watch it from our home office.  When it became Tom’s turn, Tom and the lawyer spoke a few words and the board voted in favor of approving the license!  As relieved as I was about getting approved, I had flashbacks to our wedding.  I had planned it for over a year, but the craziest planning was within the last few weeks.  I knew we would be very busy from now until our official grand opening trying to get everything finalized.  The good thing was that we had done a lot of the preparations during the previous months while we waited for the license to get approved.

Time to Get Busy

Once we received the approval, I called my mom and gave her the good news.  I also let her know that we might need some help with watching Elena as we finalized everything for our grand opening.  We had previously been planning all of our activities and figured it would take us about a month from when we received the approval until we could open.  As a result, we set our grand opening date for November 3rd.

In the next post, we will detail out our final weeks and all of the work we had to do to prepare for our grand opening event.

Coming Up Next: Part 8 – Final Preparations