Episode Overview

In the third show of our series on giving an overview of our businesses and how we run them, today we are going to take your inside our online businesses.

Often times it sounds scammy or out of reach when you hear that people make money online, and much of what people discuss is.  But there are a lot of ways to legitimately make money online.  Our primary means of this is through affiliate marketing.  In the show, we will provide some examples of our online websites that produce money for us each month and also compare/contrast this business to our other 2 offline businesses (real estate investing and retail wine and liquor store).


 Episode Key Points

  • How we made our first money from online business
  • Some different examples of ways to make money online
  • How online business compares to our other business models
  • The online business model that we prefer
  • Getting started with this business model for less than $100
  • The processes and tools that we use in our online business
  • How to get free samples of the affiliate products that you are promoting


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Episode Transcript

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