Episode Overview

In part two of the series, we continue to discuss some of the biggest challenges to being productive as an entrepreneur and how to overcome them.

If you missed part 1, you can check it out here.

Episode Key Points

  • Some of the challenges (and funny stories) of being productive when you have kids
  • You need to dedicate some time to brainstorming and being creative in addition to productive
  • Understanding batching your work vs. letting it flow and when to use each approach
  • Working hard (the hustle) doesn’t mean you are working smart.  Focus on the tasks that bring the biggest value.
  • Putting other people’s demands first is likely lowering your productivity (without you realizing it)
  • Why you should “Eat That Frog” the first thing
  • The importance of having a dedicated space to work and be productive
  • Realizing that you need to begin outsourcing some of your tasks at some point
  • Identifying and using the right tools can save you time and make your more efficient

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