Episode Overview

When running a business, staying organized is essential.  When running multiple businesses with your spouse, it is even more critical.  On today’s episode, we share some of our favorite strategies for staying organized with our various businesses, as well as how we manage some of our personal lives with our business.  So even if you are not in business with your spouse, you can still benefit from some of the organization and communication tips that we share in this episode.

Episode Key Points

  • How using a shared calendar can really help you keep your business and life organized
  • Why we recommend a different calendar for each person and each business
  • Why we recommend first putting family activities on the calendar (before business activities)
  • Find out the communication tool that we just LOVE for keeping track of our business conversations
  • Learn how we dealt with the overwhelming amount of paperwork for our businesses
  • Find out how we get important paperwork (like mail) from our remote businesses
  • Learn how we organize our home office for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Find out what office tools we recommend to help stay organized
  • Hear what “Just in Time Learning” is and how we use it on our businesses

Episode Transcript


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