Episode Overview

In the second episode of our “lessons learned” min-series, we are reflecting back on 2015 and sharing the mistakes that we made and lessons that we learned from these mistakes.

Retrospecting on how things are going and learning from your mistakes is one of the best ways to learn and grow, both in your business and in your life.  In addition, learning from other’s mistakes will reduce your learning curve and move ahead faster.  So grab a pen and paper and learn from 10 of the mistakes that we made last year.


Episode Key Points

  • Periodically looking back and retrospecting is essential in helping you and your business grow
  • You may need to make shifts in your business that are different than your original plans
  • It’s important to get feedback on your product before creating the entire thing
  • You can’t just build an e-mail list, you need to have a purpose and engage with your list
  • When selecting software to use, it is importance to understand your needs and requirements
  • Having kids will significantly impact your time available to work on your business and you will have to make some adjustments to make it all work
  • Even with a busy schedule, it is very important for your health and productivity to drink water, eat well and get some exercise
  • Planning and being clear on what you need to do can be your biggest time and productivity hack
  • Podcasting has had an awesome impact on our and our business, but it takes a lot of time and commitment
  • Being organized and getting rid of things you don’t need (business and personal) can really help with productivity
  • To really know what you should be doing for your business, get feedback from your customers

Episode Transcript

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