How to Mind Map Your Niche Site Content

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So thus far we have determined our niche, registered a domain name and installed WordPress and configured a landing page for pre-launch.  At this point we are finally ready to start getting a glossary of what the content will be for our site.

Content Brainstorming with a Mind Map

If you are a frequenter of the blog, you will know that we use Post It notes all of the time for brainstorming type activities, and this one is no different.  Today we will use these to create a mind map.


The process that we will use is called mind mapping, which is essentially a strategy for visualizing and organizing your thoughts.

We start out with a blue Post It note in the middle with the name of the website,  This is the main thought or concept that we will expand on with our mind mapping.  Then, with the yellow Post It notes, we begin making a list of every certification that we can think of in the agile space and place them on the desk.  These are thoughts or ideas that relate to but expand on the main topic.  Given that the problem we are trying to solve with this niche site is how to determine which certification to get, listing out all of the certifications that are available makes sense.  If you are following along and building your own niche site, be sure you review the problem that you are trying to solve and brainstorm topics around that.


Once we have a pretty exhaustive list of the certifications, we take the orange Post It notes and make a list of the companies/certifying bodies that offer these certifications.  This helps takes all of the concepts and begin logically group them.


We then organized all of the certifications into groups based on the company that offers the certifications.


So which company offers the certifications is one way to group these, but another way to look at it at what certifications would be good for each different role that people play as part of an agile organization.  To organize the data in this manner, we added each role on a neon green Post It note and then used the stickers to identify each key role.


We then went back through each certification and tagged them with a sticker for each role that would benefit from the certification.  This allowed us to add a second layer organization onto the certifications and would make it easier to group and display these certification to people on the niche site.


So there it is.  The image below shows the entire process, which we did entirely at the desk within our home office (see our home office setup).  We used the wall space for initial niche market brainstorming, then the desk table area to break that down into content.


In the next post, we will get into actually creating the content.  To do this, we will be using a Kanban process.  Essentially this type of a system visualizes the work and limits your Work in Progress (WIP) to allow you to focus and get things done instead of multi-tasking.  As you can imagine (or will experience if you are creating your own site), creating all of the content for the niche site takes some work and will require focus.  Using a Kanban system will help.

Right above my desk area (on the back of my bookshelves) I have a Kanban board for this niche site.  Along the left side are all of the Post It notes, organized into groupings like they were on the desk.  As I begin working on creating the article for one of these, I’ll move it to “In Progress”.


If you are following along, we would love to hear how it is going for you.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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