Episode Overview – Introducing the Couples & Entrepreneurship Series

Introducing… Couples & Entrepreneurship! During this special series, we will be having candid discussions with successful entrepreneurial couples to see what it really takes to build a successful life and business.

Episode Key Timestamps

  • What is Couples Month?
    • An entire month of conversations with Couples! 5-6 shows a week (Tom keeps adding more guests LOL)
    • All different experiences & dynamics, from working together, working on their own thing, 1 entrepreneur 1 not, long-term relationship, married, parents (even a couple grandparents!), you name it!
  • Why Did We Decide to Do It?
    • Managing it all is a HUGE struggle! The stress of starting & running a business can really put a strain on your relationships, ESPECIALLY with your spouse
    • We’ve seen this ourselves in our own relationship, and we had a tough time finding others going through the same thing
    • That’s why we’ve created a special series FULL of stories from a whole list of couples.
    • To show you that you’re not alone, we ALL go through these struggles, even if you don’t always see them on social media
    • To share the strategies we’ve all used to find the “harmony” within the complexity of our lives
    • To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary
  • What to Expect
    • New episode every day! Subscribe at: tomandariana.com/couples
    • A special gift for the series
    • TONS of valuable takeaways from our guests, and #goldnugget moment
  • What we Need From You
    • SHARING IS CARING – so many people can benefit from these lessons, please share this series with anyone you think it might help
    • Your feedback as you listen – what lessons did you take away, what did you like about the series, is this something you’d like to see more of,  what else could we add to improve it. Leave a comment wherever you’re listening!
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