Episode Overview – Introducing The Lifestyle Builders Podcast

In this episode, we “re-introduce” ourselves with the Lifestyle Builders podcasts after a long hiatus from our last show as the hosts of the Serial Startups podcast. We give you the low down on who we are, what’s changed for us over the past 2 years (a new brand and a new community), what to expect from the show and upcoming episodes, and some you important insights into our beginnings.

Episode Key Timestamps

  • [01:10] – Welcome
  • [05:50] – Trying my hand at the stock market
  • [06:50] – My big $7,500 mistake (and starting our third business)
  • [11:35] – Starting our second business
  • [14:40] – Ariana leaving her job & having our first child
  • [20:50] – Starting our third business
  • [29:39] – Our brand pivot to Tom & Ariana
  • [30:02] – The beginnings of Lifestyle Builders
  • [30:48] – How Tom left his job
  • [33:08] – The various things to consider when leaving a job
  • [39:07] – What you can expect from this podcast

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