Episode Overview

Starting a business is difficult, but it can be way more challenging if you are trying to start it without the support of your spouse or significant other.  Therefore, getting your spouse on board with starting a business is critical.

I say this from experience, as I kept trying to jump into businesses without getting Ariana on board first.  Not only did it cause starting a business to be much more difficult, it also put a strain on our relationship.

So in our episode today, we are going to share our experiences and what it looks like to not have your spouse on board (from both of our perspectives), as well as a simple 6 step process that we use and coach couples on when they want to start a business.

Episode Key Points

  • Hear from the spouse that had to be convinced on why she was resistant
  • Learn the differences in how traditional people and entrepreneurs think and talk
  • What conversations you should be having with your spouse if you want to get them on board with your idea
  • Get inside the mind of a spouse that doubts your entrepreneurial venture
  • The first step we recommend when trying to get your spouse on board (hint: it’s not telling them about the business!)
  • Why finding your “why” is critical before moving forward
  • Why the timing of your business idea may be more critical than the actual idea
  • The importance of getting an agreement before moving forward with the business
  • How to stay connected and in sync with the business once you start it

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