Episode Overview

In this episode, we help you establish a weekly plan that you can repeat week after week to help you organize all of your work, stay on task and get more done.

Our previous 2 episodes discussed productivity drains and some strategies to overcome them.  Today, we pull it all together and help you establish a weekly cadence of planning and execution.  Be sure to grab our free guide that walks through this process as well.

Episode Key Points

  • Understanding and applying Lean concepts means more value and less waste
  • Defining a way to capture and organize all your tasks will make sure you don’t lose things
  • Capturing tasks will also allow you to free up your mind and not feel like you have to do them immediately
  • The importance of establishing consistency in your weekly routine
  • Prioritize your tasks so you make sure that you are working on the most important tasks
  • We recommend doing a weekly time audit to determine where your time goes
  • Realize that life will happen and may throw off your productivity for a day or a week, but make sure you bounce back
  • Writing down everything you do each week will help you see where your time goes and is a starting point for outsourcing
  • To track your work, you can either count your tasks and see how many are left, or estimate them and track how much is left
  • At the end of the week, do a weekly review to identify wins, losses and what changes to make for improvements

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