Episode Overview

In the first show of our “lessons learned” mini-series, we are going to share a little bit about how having kids have changed how we approach and run our businesses.  Whether you have kids now are plan to in the future, they definitely change everything (for the positive… mostly).

So we will share our journey as we went from entrepreneurs without kids, through having our daughter and opening our second business, to having our son and adding on two more.  Finally, we will share our 7 lesson learned from our experiences as parent entrepreneurs.


 Episode Key Points

  • Life is very different before having kids an after having kids
  • Take advantage of time before kids to start your business if you can
  • Things that came “easy” before kids could be challenging after having kids
  • The more kids that you have, the more critical communication between you and your spouse becomes
  • Delegation and the importance of doing it in your business
  • Online businesses can be more conducive to having kids as the come with more flexibility
  • Start your business before you have kids (if possible)

Episode Transcript

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