It is our belief that EVERYONE should have a website.  This could either be a personal website, an online resume, a personal blog or a business page.  There are so many free and low cost resources out there to assist even the most non-technical person in creating a website that there is absolutely no reason not to have one.  We created the initial version of our website for under $100, and it can be done for even less than that.

With that said, it can be daunting and time consuming to weed through the actually process of getting a website setup.  What should your domain name be?  How do you check if your domain name is available?  Once you have your domain name, how do you actually start creating your website?  In order to answer many of these questions, we have created a FREE ebook called “The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Website/Blog”.  In this book, we cover the following:

  • Coming up with a name for your business/website/blog
  • How to determine if the domain name (website) is available
  • How to check if all of the social media websites (and others) are available
  • How to register your domain name
  • How to create email address at your website (ex.
  • How to make your website look beautiful by installing a template
  • Some plugins that will add functionality to your website


In order to download the free ebook, simply sign up for our newsletter on the right side of our website.  Once you do, we will provide you with a link to download the eBook.  Additionally, we will periodically send you additional information to help improve your productivity and success in your business venture(s).