Are Your Facebook Fans Seeing Your Posts?

by | Mar 26, 2014 | 0 comments

One of the most important aspects of doing business (especially online) is building an audience.  That audience can come in many forms, but once you develop with an audience then you can then connect with that audience.  You can share information to them, interact, engage and promote to them.  There are many ways and locations to build an audience, but one of the great ones is on Facebook.  A Facebook page for your business is easy to setup, as is add a like box to your website.  People that find you website can like your Facebook page and people that like your Facebook page can visit your website.

Sound great, doesn’t it?  Well on the surface it is, but there is a hidden secret that many people do not realize when it comes to their Facebook page and engaging with their fans.

What You See Is Not What You Get

Below is a screenshot of our Facebook page.  As you can see, we currently have 420 fans.


So when we post something on Facebook, how many of our fans will see our post?

If you said 420, you would be wrong.  Way wrong.

Check out the below post that I shared on our page the other day.


Even though we currently have 420 page fans, only 20 people saw that post.  That means that only 4.8% of our fans saw that post.  Let me say that again… our Facebook page has 420 fans, and when we posted, only 20 of our fans actually saw our post.

If you are anything like me, that news is quite a letdown.  Some of our page likes came organically and some came from paying Facebook to advertise our page.  So with all of the work that we did to promote our Facebook page (and money spent on ads) to get the likes, having only 5% of our fans see the great content that we are sharing is not the outcome that we expected.

So how can you increase the number of your fans that see your content?  Below are a few quick and simple tips that you can utilize on your own Facebook page.

Post When Your Fans Are On Facebook

Did you know that you can tell what days and what hours each day your fans are online?  To do so, switch over to using Facebook as your page and click the “See Insights” button.

facebook-see-insightsFrom there, click the “Posts” tab at the top of the page.


The resulting page provides some amazing information about your fan’s usage of Facebook.

  • First off, you can see how many fans use Facebook each day of the week.  For our page most days are about the same, with Saturday having the most users at 364.
  • Secondly, you can see what time of day most of your fans are online.  For us, our low time is in the morning.  But starting around 12 pm and running until about 9 pm, we max out at ~180 fans online.  9pm is our peak with 198 fans.


So how can you use this information?  Post when your fans are online.  In our case, our best time to post is 9 pm, but anytime between noon and 9 pm should allow the most fans to the potential to see our page.  That is a start, but it is not enough.

Create Engaging Posts

Facebook has a measurement called “Engagement”.  This measurement is what it uses to determine how engaged your fans are.  Without going into a lot of the technical details, the most engaged your fans are, the more of your fans that will see the post.

Engagement is the consolidation of 4 activities:

  1. Post Likes
  2. Post Comments
  3. Post Shares
  4. Post Clicks


So how does this make a difference?  Check out this post from yesterday.  2 people like this post enough to share it, and now suddenly 162 post saw the post instead of 20.  That is 38.6% of our total fans, instead of the 4.8 from our previous post example.


So the key to getting engagement is to get your fans to take action, specifically one of the 4 actions listed above (Like, Comment, Share or Click).  How do you do this exactly?  Here are a few ideas.

  • Ask your fans a question.  When they comment, that will add to your engagement.  As as added tip, reply to each comment that fans post on your page.  Not only will it allow you to engage with your fans, it will also add another comment to your post.  Other fans may then be motivated to comment and your engagement can quickly rise.
  • Post great content.  When people like your posts, they will like (literally click “Like” on your post).  Additionally, they may decide to share it with their friends.  This creates engagement, and you might get double engagement from a single person.
  • Mix up your posts.  Share some of your great blog posts, share some great content from other people’s pages, ask a question or share a motivational quote.  Below is an example of a different post that we do on occasion.

Get Some Help

We have used Facebook since the early days when it was only available to select colleges.  We have seen the growth, not only with individual users, but also with company pages.  Each of our businesses has a page, but we knew that we were not using Facebook to it’s fullest potential and reaching our fans.  So we turned to Amy Porterfield, one of the leading experts in Facebook Marketing.  Not only did we learn a lot of great information from her free podcast, but also from purchasing and utilizing her online video training program fbinfluence 2.0.  If are are interested in taking your Facebook marketing to the next level and really learn how to be effective with it, we highly recommend this course.  After completing the course, we wrote up an entire review that you should check out.

So what kind of results are we seeing?  Let’s take a look.

We’ve been able to get a 4.5 star rating on our wine and liquor store page.


We’ve also been able to get some really engages posts with lots of reach.  This was right around Christmas, which is the busiest sales time for our store and led to a record setting holiday season.


In working with a client of ours, we’ve been able to help her build a community that is really engaged, both offline and online.  We can see the below post has 23 likes and 4 comments, allowing 375 people to see the post.


And the most amazing thing, her Facebook page only has 209 likes.  That really shows the power in the quality of likes, not just the quantity of likes.


So hopefully this post gave you a better understanding of how posts work on your Facebook page and what you can do to get your posts seen by more people.  If you need more help or really want to step up your marketing effectiveness on Facebook, then check out fbinfluence 2.0 (as well as our review or fbinfluence).  We’ve used it and highly recommend it.