Episode Overview

Some of the most common advice that is given to people is to “find your passion”.  This is especially true when it is given to “wantrepreneurs” who are looking to start a business and don’t know what type of business they want to create.

But is this good advice?  Listen in as we go back and forth, share our thoughts and perspectives and share how “passion” can both help and hurt someone who is looking to start a business.

Episode Key Points

  • How our passions have changed over time (and had major life events occur)
  • What the definition of “passion” is what people always recommend when you want to do something
  • Both of our views on the “follow your passion” advice
  • Why understanding your “Why” is so important, and how passion should tie into your why
  • How passion can actually cause you to NOT do the work that you need to do
  • Passion can also cause you NOT to delegate the work that you should
  • Successful businesses don’t come from just having a good idea
  • Why passion is a key contributor to “Shiny Object Syndrome”
  • Our final thoughts when it comes to passion and success
  • We want to hear your thoughts.  Head on over to our free entrepreneur community to share.

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