It is not uncommon to have more than one email address.  Most people have a personal one, and if you are an entrepreneur you have at least one more for your business (and if you don’t, read why you should!).  I currently have 8 different email addresses than I get email at and have to respond to.  This may seem like an impossible task, but thanks to Google, it is just as easy to have 8 email addresses as it is to have 1.

My primarily email address is with Gmail.  I created it several years ago while in college.  Since then Ariana and I have started multiple businesses and subsequently have at least one email for each business.  Gmail has some features that allow you to receive and send all of your email from your Gmail mailbox.  This is a fantastic feature and huge timesaver for anyone who has more than one email address.  Read below to learn how to use Gmail to manage all of your email addresses.

Step 1 – If You Don’t Have Gmail, Signup for a Free Account

Most people today have a Gmail address, but if you don’t, now is a great time to set one up.  When we work with entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is one of the first steps that we have them do.  Rather than having your personal email address be tied to your school,  internet service provider or previous employer, instead you can have an email address that is your own, you can use forever and you can access it from any device.   Because Gmail provides a way to have multiple email addresses, they don’t have to worry about their existing personal email because they can just roll it into Gmail.

Navigate to and you will be directed to either sign in or create a new Google account.  You might already have a Google Account if you have an Android phone or if you created an account on another Google site, such as Youtube.  If you don’t have an account, follow the steps to create one.

Google Account Signup

Tip: Many people (including us) use our Gmail address for our personal email addresses.  So if you are creating an account, think about what you would want your personal email to be.  We recommend some instance of your name.  Since your name may be taken, here some some potential variations:

  • or ->
  • -> or
  • ->
  • FirstinitialShortenedLastName ->

If all of these variations are taken, you can always add a number to your name.  Ex. The year you graduated college.

Now that you have a Gmail account, you can move on to consolidating all of your email addresses into Gmail.

Step 2 – Consolidate All Your Email Into Gmail

If you are reading this article, hopefully you have registered a domain name for your business.  If not, find out how to easily register the domain name for your business.

Navigate to the host where you have your domain at.  We use and recommend BlueHost.  The below steps may look slightly different if you are using a different host (unless they also use cPanel), but they should generally be the same.

Forward Your Email to Gmail

Within your email panel there should be an option to forward/redirect email that you can select.

Forward Email to Gmail

Select that option and enter to from address (your address at a domain other than Gmail) and the to address (your Gmail address) and select forward.

Forward Email to Gmail Steps

Now all of your emails will be forwarded to your Gmail address.  It is important to send a test email to your forwarded email address and insure that it ends up in your Gmail inbox.  Depedning on your domain host, it may take a few hours for the forwarding to activate.

Test Forwarding Email to Gmail

*Note: If you stop here, you will be able to receive all of your email in one place, but when you respond to your email, the response will come from your Gmail address.  Proceed to the next step to learn how you can send email from another email address within Gmail.

Step 3 – Configure Gmail to Send Your Email

Login to your Gmail account and go to your settings (the sprocket icon near the top right of your inbox).  Once in the Settings menu, select the Accounts tab.  In the “Send Email As” section, select “Add another email address you own”.

Gmail Forwarding Settings

Once you follow the steps and enter the confirmation number, you will then have the option of sending an email from a different email address.  Also, if someone emails you at a specific address (ex., Gmail is smart enough to automatically respond from that address.

Gmail Send Email As

Step 4 – Organize Gmail for Simplicity

So that’s it.  Having all of your email in one place will improve your productivity and make your life easier.  One thing that you may notice is that it could be a little difficult to keep straight which email is for which email address.  Below are a few tips to help organize your single inbox.

  • Label/Filter: Create a label for each email from the Settings menu.  Then create a filter to apply that label to all email sent to your domain email.  This will allow you to easily see what email address/business each email is for.

Gmail Filters Labels

  • Multiple Inboxes: Gmail Labs has a feature to allow you to separate your inbox into up to 5 different inboxes.  You can have a separate inbox for each email address.

Gmail Multiple Inbox