Episode Overview – 6 Essential Elements of Your Business Brand

Creating a business brand (branding) is a critical piece of your business foundation.  When people see hear about your business, what ideas or perceptions do they have?  What impact does that have on the success of you business?  And how can to begin to develop a brand for your business without spending a lot of time and money?

These are the questions that we will be discussing and answering in the show this week.

Episode Key Points

  • What are all of the pieces that are involved with creating a brand?
  • How did we create our brands for each of our businesses?
  • The 6 essential elements to consider when developing your business brand
  • Steps and tips for creating your own business brand

Episode Key Timestamps

  • 01:25 – How we developed our brand for each business that we have.
  • 11:23 – What is a brand?
  • 12:44 – Who needs a brand?
  • 14:15 – Coming up with the name for your brand
  • 15:50 – Creating the messaging for your business
  • 16:18 – Defining the story of your business
  • 19:04 – Defining your business “personality”
  • 21:40 – Creating your business look
  • 26:30 – Consistency & integration of your business
  • 28:26 – How to implement and create your own brand
  • 34:27 – Tip of the week – Researching your competition

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