How to Build an Authority Niche Site and Make Money Online

by | Feb 13, 2015 | 1 comment

One of the most common questions that we get from entrepreneurs is how can other people get started with their own business.  Obviously, there are a lot of answers that we could give to this question, especially that we have started and operate a variety of businesses.  After surveying a lot of our audience, it appeared that most people who wanted to get started:

  • Did not have a lot of extra money to start a business
  • Did have time to invest to build a business

Typically they were:

  • Working a full-time job
  • Had a family and wanted to start generating some passive income to eventually replace their job

After understanding this demographic, we decided that we would go through the process of creating a niche website and share the step by step process with our audience.  This post contains direct links to each of the posts that we went through during this process.

1. Announcing Our First Nice Site


2. How to Select a Niche for Your Niche Site


3. How to Select a Domain Name and Install WordPress for Your Niche Site


4. Niche Site Pre-launch – How to Setup a Landing Page


5. How to Mind Map Your Niche Site Content

How to Mind Map Your Niche Site Content - Entreprenewlyweds

6. Authority Niche Site Pre-Launch and Content Creation


7. Authority Website Content Creation & First Income


We also released a podcast episode where we walked through our internet marketing business.  You can listen below.

Serial Startups Show 14 Internet Marketing