Book Review: Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

by | Apr 17, 2014 | 0 comments

Are you an entrepreneur?  Do you ever feel like a superhero?  That is, you can (and do) do everything.  You are faster than a speeding bullet (or believe you are when processing email).  You are more powerful than a locomotive (when you need to work those 20 hour days).  You can leap tall building in a single bound (or knock off a mountain of tasks with ease).

You are Superman!

What I really mean is… you are suffering from “Superhero Syndrome”.  In his new book, Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business, Chris Ducker describes this issue that just about every entrepreneur faces.  We start a business and are excited.  As time goes on, the business becomes more successful and there is more to do.  Eventually, we all reach burnout.  We are working too much, and there are more tasks than there are hours in the day.  We no longer enjoy the business and the business begins to struggle as a result.

When I first started investing in real estate, I reached this point pretty quick.  I was working a full-time job, doing office work at night and spending my weekends physically renovating the properties.  Very quickly I became tired, overwhelmed and unmotivated.  That is when I did my first outsourcing, which was to my wife Ariana.  I had her take over managing the books.  It was an easy way to introduce myself to outsourcing.  Unfortunately (for her) she did such a great job that she ended up being the recipient of much more outsourcing from me.  Not only does she now handle 90% of our office work, she also manages all day to day operations for our wine and liquor store.  For a while this worked well, but as it always happens, we are now at the point where I am now busy again with tasks, only this time she is also swamped.  No longer can I outsource everything to her.

At one of our weekly planning meetings, we realized that we needed to begin outsourcing more to others.  We have done some outsourcing in the past, but that was typically on a task by task basis.  What we needed at this point was to hire on an assistant to handle a lot of our office work.  Not only would this free Ariana up, but it would also provide both Ariana and I more options as we continue to grow our various businesses.

Ok, enough about us and back to the review.  The timing of Virtual Freedom‘s release was perfect for us.  We had just started the process of creating the list of items to outsource and searching online for potential virtual assistants.

The book is organized into a few main sections:

  • Section One: Finding and Hiring Your Virtual Staff

  • Section Two: Training Your Virtual Staff

  • Section Three: Managing Your Virtual Staff

  • Section Four: The Big Question: Stay Local or Go Overseas?

  • Section Five: The Next Level: building Your Virtual Staff

  • Section Six: The Case for Content

  • Section Seven: Time to Get Started

  • Bonus Section: Top 10 Virtual Team-Building Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them!)

The book is obviously laid out in order and covers many of the main topics that come up when it comes to creating a virtual staff.

So Who is Chris Ducker?

Chris lives in the Philippians and runs a business called Virtual Staff Finder.  His business will take an entrepreneurs needs/requirements and a lot of the legwork to find potential virtual assistants.  As a result, Chris has a lot of experience in this arena, which provides the credibility to write the book.

Chris describes how he himself reached burnout with a different business.  This caused him to focus on becoming a “Virtual CEO”.  The book not only shares his personal experiences, but also contains several case studies from other entrepreneurs who have used virtual assistants.  Check out the 3 minute video below to learn more about Chris and the book.

So Should You Buy the Book?

A resounding “YES”!  This is an issue that every entrepreneur faces.  For just over $10, you get a step by step guide for how to dip your toe into the waters of virtual staff.

“But”, you may say, “I don’t have any tasks that a VA could do”.  You are lying to yourself.  In the book, Chris describes a simple activity to help identify the tasks that you should outsource.

“But”, you may say, “a VA could not do it as well as I could”.  You are deceiving yourself.  In a small percentage of cases, you may be right.  In the vast majority of cases, someone else can do that task better than you.  Are you an expect at writing copy?  Marketing?  Graphic Design?  Website Development?  Bookkeeping?

“But”, you may say, “I don’t need to do any of those tasks”.  You are missing opportunities.  If your business is not doing things like marketing, you are missing out on potential business.

All business owners can benefit from outsourcing, and in this age of the internet, the world opens up with potential assistants to help grow your business and free up your time.  Learn how to take advantage of it.