Episode Overview

One of the challenges of being an entrepreneur is that it is very easy to work MORE than you did at a traditional job.  When we became entrepreneurs, we realized that it would take a lot of work upfront, but we also realized that by setting up the right systems, we could drastically reduce the amount of time that it takes us to run the business.

So today, in the first of a small series of podcasts, we are going to discuss how we run our retail wine and liquor store by spending only a few hours a month on it.  Whether or not you have a retail store, you will gain valuable information into how to create systems and outsource aspects of your business to “buy your time back”.

Episode Key Points

  • Learn why we don’t physically work at our liquor store
  • The key thing to look at when hiring employees
  • Understand why you need to outsource, regardless of your business type
  • Learn our #1 tip for creating systems in your business
  • Why your physical location should have a security system
  • Learn how we get physical paperwork when away from our store
  • Get insight into how we manage our inventory
  • Learn why your business absolutely needs a website
  • The most critical element that you most know when running a business
  • Your customer demographics need to play into your physical space design
  • The conventional (but unconventional) places you may need to market your business

Episode Transcript

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