Episode Overview

In the final show of our series on giving an overview of our businesses and how we run them, today we are going to take your inside our entrepreneur and small business coaching business.

One of the best things that we have done to start and grow our businesses is to seek out and hire coaches and mentors.  These have allowed us to break through barriers and get past hurdles.  We have also been able to coach and work with various entrepreneurs to help them do the same.

So in this episode you will learn about the inner workings of our final business and how we run this business.  Whether or not you have a consulting business, just like the other episodes in this series, you will learn valuable tips that you can use to run your business.


Episode Key Points

  • Not only do we coach, but we continue to hire coaches ourselves
  • How to migrate a pure offline business into an offline/online model
  • How you can outsource parts of your business, even when you are the expert
  • Tools and processes that can help you be more focused and productive
  • What batching is and how it can save hours and reduce stress when creating content
  • Knowing your market and identifying your target customers
  • Pre-selling and how it can help you with developing products people actually want
  • What a minimum viable product (MVP) is and how to incorporate it into your business
  • Using your existing skills to freelance or become a consultant

Episode Transcript

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