Episode Overview – The 5 Phases of Startup Business Growth

Starting a business is a real challenge.  We would know, we’ve started countless businesses.  Several have been successful, and a few have failed.  We’ve also coached dozens of entrepreneurs, in addition to surrounding ourselves with entrepreneurs who have all had at least one startup business.

So from all this, we have been able to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a successful business.  In addition, we have been able to identify the common phases that businesses go through as they start and grow.  These phases serves as the basis for Startup Academy – our new training and support community for entrepreneurs.

To celebrate the launch of this community, all month long we are going to extract some of the most critical information from the community and give it to you for free.  Today, we are going to share the “big picture” with you and walk you through the 5 phases.

Episode Key Timestamps

  • 01:01 – Show Introduction & Background
  • 06:29 – How did we come up with the 5 phases
  • 09:06 – Phase 0 – The Prequel
  • 12:23 – Phase 1 – The Foundation
  • 17:10 – Phase 2 – The Grind
  • 20:19 – Phase 3 – Success
  • 24:42 – Phase 4 – Growth
  • 26:23 – Tip of the week

 Episode Free Download – Startup Academy Big Picture

The Business Growth Big Picture